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Jakub Mańczak

A quick summary of who I am.

Hello! My name is Jakub Mańczak, I'm 17 and I was born in Poznań, Poland.

I am about halfway done with my education in a technical school. The things I'm interested in the most are what I hope to make my career one day, which is to say IT - the passion for it spawned from a child's love of video games. I find the tech behind interfaces shown to the user in electronic product fascinating, whether it's a website, desktop software, mobile app or a videogame.


I've used a few names on the web in the past. Here's those I remember.

  • jamesen - my goto identity, coined sometime in 2017 as a merge of 'james' and 'en', the latter taken from Gabe Newell's iconic pseudonym.
    • j4mesen - if the above is already taken.
    • j3mesen - if the above is extraordinarily taken.
    • jasen - a short version, coming from an intentional misspelling.
    • ジャメセン - nihongo kakkoi, suge.
  • kubek - kuba, or jakub but also meaning 'cup'.
  • jakub228 - the name i used in Minecraft, 2012-2018.