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About Me

Quick Summary - Who The Hell Am I!?

Essentially an extended social media bio.

Hello! My name is Jakub Mańczak, I'm 17 and I was born in Poznań, Poland.

I am about halfway done with my education in a technical school. The things I'm interested in the most are what I hope to make my career one day, which is to say IT - the passion for it spawned of course from a child's love of video games. I find the tech behind interfaces shown to the user in all forms of electronic product fascinating, whether it's a website, a desktop or mobile app or - once again - a video game.

I am currently focusing on broadening my knowledge of all things IT though, that including server infrastructure and usage, as well as the physical side of things. It's not exactly my cup of tea, but it's required due to my choice of school! :)

There's a few links you might want to become acquainted with. Find 'em here! :)


As many interweb users, I've used many names on many-a-websites. Here's most.

  • Most of the time I go by jamesen.
  • The etymology is simple, though more different than you might expect: while playing counter-strike with friends a long time ago, possibly somewhere from 2014 to '16, inspired by Gabe Newell's famous "Gaben" nom de guerre, we decided to all rename ourselves appending "en" to anglicized versions of our names. I decided to use james instead of jacob as it sounded nicer to me while biblically translating the same way, and it stuck!

  • "jamesen" is sometimes shortened to jasen.
  • ...And that comes from a simple pronounciation joke a friend did on a discord call. ;)

  • kubek was an attempt by a teen me to get rid of "jamesen".
  • "jamesen" being a product of an early teenage me, a slightly less early teenage version of me tried to get rid of it, burn it with fire and bury it underground. The attempt lasted a few months. Failed.

  • j4mesen and other leetspeak versions also exist.
  • Though fortunately they are not the result of any teenage hormone-induced leetspeak superiority period - but they stem from the fact that replacing letters with numbers makes for a good replacement if names are taken on some services - in Minecraft for example, I use "j4mesen" entirely because "jamesen" was already in use.

  • And then there's jakub228 && szeryf777.
  • Very unlikely anybody knows me by these names, but have 'em anyway: "jakub228" is my persona coined by a 9 year old me in 2013, because I needed a name to get Minecraft. "szeryf777" is even worse: quite literally taken a friend's "szeryf77" and added another "7" to the mix. Since 2014, it is to this day my steam account's username, as it cannot be changed. ;/