I like making stuff. It's fun.
If it's not fun, why bother?



Mostly software, though.


I've always played games. I like them.
I'd like to make them professionally.


I draw from time to time.


I've finished a couple projects.

They're pretty simple. Also, pretty.

like these
This site
this doesn't count and i know it
I like what I did with it.
It looks nice!
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mobile games aren't real games
A game about a ball going up.
No ads! Free skins!
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I've many unfinished projects under my belt.

They were too big in scope.

like these
Untitled Mage Game
sounds better than mage.build49
I like what I made, but there's no perspective going forward.
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on the spot

TF2 Config

And then you open the 'cfg' folder...
An autoexecutable config file I'm using whenever I play tf2.

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